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National Instruments, новости и анонсы продуктов

National Instruments Hosts Technical Conferences in 61 Cities Worldwide

NIDays 2003-2004 Worldwide Conference on Virtual Instrumentation Spans 39 Countries

NEWS RELEASE -- Aug. 19, 2003 -- National Instruments today announced plans for the NIDays 2003-2004 worldwide conference on virtual instrumentation, the company's annual series of technical conferences reaching 39 countries and 61 cities worldwide. NIDays begins Sept. 23 in Seoul, South Korea, and runs through late April 2004, when NI holds its last conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. During the conferences, engineers around the globe can attend technical presentations and hands-on sessions without traveling far
from home.

Engineers, developers, educators and National Instruments Alliance Partners attend the conferences across Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific to exchange ideas on innovative approaches to technical challenges, study future technology trends in virtual instrumentation and learn first-hand how NI software and hardware can save them time and money.

"At this conference, attendees take an in-depth look at the latest developments in measurement and automation and receive information and technical training on our newest introductions such as LabVIEW 7 Express," said John Graff, NI vice president of marketing. "This major LabVIEW release combines Express VIs with I/O and data acquisition assistants to significantly improve ease of use while expanding the power of virtual instrumentation."

NIDays attendees also have the chance to learn about other new NI software, such as TestStand 3.0, Measurement Studio 7.0, LabWindows/CVI 7.0, and new NI hardware, including the Compact Vision System and three new mixed-signal PXI instruments. Together, the products offer more flexibility, faster system development and higher system performance. Additionally, attendees will hear from NI engineers on the hottest industry topics during keynote presentations and technical sessions, such as integrating measurements into the design phase of a product life cycle.

NIDays builds on the success of NIWeek, the worldwide virtual instrumentation conference held annually since 1993 near the company's headquarters in Austin, Texas. NIWeek 2003 concluded last week with record attendance of more than 1,500 people participating in hands-on training, interactive technical sessions, exhibitions and workshops on the latest products and technologies. National Instruments designed NIDays to bring NIWeek to customers around the world in their native languages. For more information and a complete listing of all locations, visit www.ni.com/nidays.

About National Instruments
National Instruments (www.ni.com) is a technology pioneer and leader in virtual instrumentation -- a revolutionary concept that has changed the way engineers and scientists approach measurement and automation. Leveraging the PC and its related technologies, virtual instrumentation increases productivity and lowers costs for customers worldwide through easy-to-integrate software, such as the NI LabVIEW graphical development environment, and modular hardware, such as PXI modules for data acquisition, instrument control and machine vision. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NI has more than 3,000 employees and direct operations in 40 countries. In 2002, the company sold products to more than 25,000 different companies in more than 80 countries around the world. For the past four consecutive years, FORTUNE magazine has named NI one of the 100 best companies to work for in America.

Readers may obtain investment information from the company's investor relations department at (512) 683-5090, by sending e-mail to nati@ni.com or on the Web at www.ni.com/nati.